UN Environment has released its new report on Emerging Issues of Environmental Concern. “From the innovations and ethical dilemmas of synthetic biology to the options for appropriate international adaptation to climate change: Frontiers 2018/19 explores the emerging environmental issues facing the planet. Will the cutting edge of genetic splicing techniques lead to a huge boon for human and environmental health, provided regulation can successfully control the risk of unintended ecological consequences? Will we act in time to prevent the further degradation of climate-critical permafrost peatlands and avert reaching the threshold of a potential runaway global greenhouse effect? Can we avoid the pitfalls of maladaptation to overarching climate change and move forward with wisdom to mitigate the worst effects – for all, not the few?” – UN Environment. The report is available in many languages. Read more at: https://www.unenvironment.org/resources/frontiers-201819-emerging-issues-environmental-concern